As Defense Minister Yaalon continues issuing statements attacking the IDF soldier who killed the terrorist last Thursday in Hebron in an incident featured in a B’Tselem video, Channel 10 news reports that according to an internal investigation conducted at the request of Magen David Adom (MDA) Director General Eli Bin, the military sapper on the scene instructed the paramedics not to provide medical care to the wounded terrorist – and that this order remained in effect even AFTER the now controversial shooting of the terrorist by the IDF soldier.

According to the Israel Radio Reshet Bet item covering the MDA investigation, the investigators noted that the reason the sapper was particularly suspicious was the the terrorist had a zipped up jacket despite the very warm weather (25 degrees Centigrade [77 degrees F]).

Ironically, the Israel Radio report intersperses new remarks by Defense Minister Yaalon against the soldier with this information that strongly supports the version of the soldier and also raises serious questions about the veracity of the IDF claims that the IDF determined that the terrorist did not present a danger [or in plain English – the very real possibility that some people in the IDF decided to make a barefaced lie that served the agenda of the COS and DM who have opted to dig in their heals to defend their original statements against the soldier rather than back down.]