I run one of the few news agencies and research centers in Israel that regularly interviews officials of Hamas, Fatah and NGO’s , who openly endorse the murder of Jews.

Our films, which speak for themselves, show how matter of fact calls to murder Jews emanate from Israel’ s antagonists like clock work, very openly, and without hesitation.

Pay attention to our interviews with convicted murderers who express no regret for their actions:

Only yesterday, in preparation for our newest film, the administrator of an NGO, which helps descendants of Arab refugees in UNRWA facilities, gave our interviewed a taped interview in which this social worker endorsed acts of murder – in the context of promoting the ‘right of return’ (the demand to allow the millions of descendants of 800,000 Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 to move back to the country) by force of arms.)

Yet perpetrators of the call to kill Jews conform to charters of the Arab league, the PLO and Hamas, all of which state that their purpose in terms of their war aim, which has not changed since 1948; is to expunge the Jews from Palestine, not the so-called “right of return.”

What about the Declaration of Principles signed by Arafat and Abbas in Oslo and in Washington in 1993? Didn’t the Palestinian Liberation Organization led by Arafat (PLO) ratify, as did Israel’s Knesset, the Peace Accords renouncing the war against Israel?

Ah – there’s the rub. They didn’t.

Who revealed that the PLO did not ratify the DOP?

None other than Al Hamishmar, the now defunct daily newspaper of Mapam, the news anchor of the radical left pro-Oslo Accords political party, Meretz.

Al Hamishmar correspondent Pinchas Inbari covered the PLO-non-approval of the Oslo Accords.

And which academic revealed that the part of the PLO Charter calling for Israel’s annihilation was never cancelled by its Palestine National Council (PNC), the body that had the power to do so?

None other than Prof. Yehoshua Porat, who ran as no. 13 on the Meretz ticket in 1992,  missing a seat in the Knesset by less than 500 votes.

Prof Porat viewed the protocols of the session where the PNC was supposed to cancel the PLO charter on April 24, 1996, where our agency had the only crew that filmed the non-event

Here are the facts, simply put: The PLO never ratified the accord and never cancelled its war covenant to destroy Israel.

In fact, what is unofficially termed the Oslo War followed several years later, with over a thousand Israeli civilians killed by terror, including the 2002 Park Hotel massacre in Netanya in which suicide bombers murdered 30 people at a Passover Seder.

I am often asked what would deter the PLO, Hamas and the Arab League from continued endorsement of acts of murder against any Jews.

The answer is clear: Knowing they would pay with their lives.

In a war, you kill your enemies until the enemy surrenders.

What deterred Sheich Achmad Yassin, the paraplegic head of Hamas. from continuing his rants to murder Jews?  Was it condemnation by Israel, or by the UN?

Hardly. What snuffed out Yassin was a carefully targeted missile, which blew Yassin, his blood-soaked hands and his wheel chair to kingdom come.

What price did Israel pay for killing Yassin?  A very small one.

A case in point: On the morning that  the news broke that Israel had missiled Yassin to death, I was visiting Mom, may she rest in peace, who lived in Philadelphia, located on the west bank of the Delaware River. I opened up the Philadelphia Inquirer, to see the press reaction of the newspaper of record in the City of Brotherly Love.

My eyes glanced at the headline: ATROCITY, as I prepared my nerves for yet another round of uneven-handed reporting.

However, when I read on, it turned out the article was referring to the popular response to the destruction of the Philadelphia sports arena, where the Phillies, Eagles, 76ers and Flyers all had played. Philadelphians described the implosion of their holy sports facility in terms of an  ‘atrocity’,

Further down on the page, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a smaller headline: Israel kills Terorist, with no tendentious emotion or blame whatsoever attached to the piece.

Just the facts. Yassin endorsed the murder of Jews and  paid the price for doing so.

12 years later, on the mornings before Passover 2016, in an item carried by all wire services, all Hamas leaders endorse the latest bus bombing in Jerusalem, while a dozen Jews of all ages are maimed for life from their wounds, as they prepare to spend the holiday in pain, the rest of their lives in pain. instead of reciting the Haggadah at the Seder.

The  Arab teenager who killed himself when he blew up the bus came from the UNRWA “refugee” facility at Al Aida, adjacent to the tomb of Rachel the Matriarch. UNRWA schools, by the way, teach that Rachel’s tomb is a shrine to a Moslem sheikh..

And what is the message, 12 years later?  That calling to kill Jews is no big deal?

This is the time for those who seek justice in the Middle East to demand the government of Israel permanently deter anyone who endorses the attempt to murder Jews. The way to deter murder is to invoke the legacy of SheiKh Yassin as Israel defined it.

Israel’s current government is led by politicians who are sensitive to public pressure.

The time has come, on the eve of Passover, to let the government of Israel know that the death of those who endorse the murder of Jews would be a welcome moment in Jewish history.

In earlier generations, when Jews would read from their Haggadah that “in every generation there are those who rise up to obliterate the Jews…” the Jewish people would have no recourse but to pray to God and hope for the best. Now the Jews have an army, which awaits its order from above to fire.

This is the time for people around the world to remind the government of Israel that it will pay no price whatsoever if the Jewish state were to kill its enemies, at this stage of the war and silence those who endorse the wanton murder of Jews.

Sheikh Yassin was deterred. He can no longer rally his people to murder Jews.

Sheikh Yassin was a religious man who believed that he would be rewarded in his world to come.

Perhaps he wants company.

Why should anyone who endorses murder not be silenced?

For those liberal minded folks who object to  targeted killings, Israel can use liberal terminology and call it : The Movement for Post Natal Abortions of Israel’s Enemies or, better yet,  All the Noose that’s Fit to Print.



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David Bedein
David Bedein is an MSW community organizer and an investigative journalist.   In 1987, Bedein established the Israel Resource News Agency at Beit Agron to accompany foreign journalists in their coverage of Israel, to balance the media lobbies established by the PLO and their allies.   Mr. Bedein has reported for news outlets such as CNN Radio, Makor Rishon, Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, BBC and The Jerusalem Post, For four years, Mr. Bedein acted as the Middle East correspondent for The Philadelphia Bulletin, writing 1,062 articles until the newspaper ceased operation in 2010. Bedein has covered breaking Middle East negotiations in Oslo, Ottawa, Shepherdstown, The Wye Plantation, Annapolis, Geneva, Nicosia, Washington, D.C., London, Bonn, and Vienna. Bedein has overseen investigative studies of the Palestinian Authority, the Expulsion Process from Gush Katif and Samaria, The Peres Center for Peace, Peace Now, The International Center for Economic Cooperation of Yossi Beilin, the ISM, Adalah, and the New Israel Fund.   Since 2005, Bedein has also served as Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research.   A focus of the center's investigations is The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). In that context, Bedein authored Roadblock to Peace: How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict - UNRWA Policies Reconsidered, which caps Bedein's 28 years of investigations of UNRWA. The Center for Near East Policy Research has been instrumental in reaching elected officials, decision makers and journalists, commissioning studies, reports, news stories and films. In 2009, the center began decided to produce short movies, in addition to monographs, to film every aspect of UNRWA education in a clear and cogent fashion.   The center has so far produced seven short documentary pieces n UNRWA which have received international acclaim and recognition, showing how which UNRWA promotes anti-Semitism and incitement to violence in their education'   In sum, Bedein has pioneered The UNRWA Reform Initiative, a strategy which calls for donor nations to insist on reasonable reforms of UNRWA. Bedein and his team of experts provide timely briefings to members to legislative bodies world wide, bringing the results of his investigations to donor nations, while demanding reforms based on transparency, refugee resettlement and the demand that terrorists be removed from the UNRWA schools and UNRWA payroll.   Bedein's work can be found at: www.IsraelBehindTheNews.com and www.cfnepr.com. A new site,unrwa-monitor.com, will be launched very soon.