As part of our effort to focus Jewish homeland supporters’ attention on recognizing misleading terms and misperceptions that denigrate Israel and delegitimize the Jewish people’s historic homeland connection to Israel, we’ve put together a categorized list – “Dirty Words.”

This categorized list, including responses to those misleading statements, is on our website, (which, alas, is down at the moment, but try tomorrow).  Select “Dirty Words” from the main menu bar.  But here’s the categorized list itself, sans responses, as a checklist of some of what’s out there that warrants responding.

  1. The Jewish People’s Historical Presence in Palestine

Misleading:  Biblical Jewish History is a Post-Babylonian Exile Creation; ‘King David Is As Real as King Arthur’

Misleading:  The Romans Exiled the Jews, Who Were Gone from Palestine for Almost Two Thousand Years

Misleading:  Following Judaea’s Destruction by Rome, Palestine Became an Arab-Ruled Country

  1. Twentieth Century International Recognition: Balfour, San Remo, The Mandate

Misleading: “The Balfour Declaration, San Remo and The Mandate Had No Right to ‘Give’ the Jews a Right to a Homeland in Palestine and Was Prejudicial to the Arabs “

  1. 1948 War of Independence and Its Aftermath

Misleading:  “In 1947, the U.N. Sought To Partition Palestine into Palestinian and Jewish States”

Misleading:  “1948 Creation of Israel, 1948 Founding of Israel”

Misleading:  “Israel was Created Because of the Holocaust

Misleading:  “The ‘Nakba’ [‘Catastrophe’] of Israel’s Creation”

Misleading:  “Palestinian Refugees of the War that Followed Israel’s Creation”

Misleading:  “The Palestinian Refugee Issue”

Misleading:  “Palestinian Refugee Camp

Misleading by a Mile:  “Millions of Palestinian Refugees and Their Descendants”

  1. 1967 War and Its Aftermath

Misleading:  “Captured by Israel in 1967, Seized by Israel in 1967”

Misleading:  “Occupied Territories, Palestinian Territories, Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Misleading:  “West Bank”

Misleading:  “Judea and Samaria, the Biblical Name for The West Bank”

Misleading:  “East Jerusalem, traditionally Arab East Jerusalem, Arab East Jerusalem, Israeli-Occupied East Jerusalem”

Misleading: “Settlements, East Jerusalem Jewish Settlements, West Bank Jewish Settlements”

Misleading:  “Occupation”

  1. “The Peace Process”


Misleading:  “Israel’s 1967 Borders”

Misleading:  “Israel’s 1967 Borders as the Basis for ‘The Two-State Solution’”

Misleading:  “The Palestinians Accept and Israel Rejects ‘The Two-State Solution’”

Misleading:  “Israel’s Demand for Recognition as a ‘Jewish State’ is a New ‘Stumbling Block’”

Misleading:  “Right of Return”

  1. Ongoing Conflict and Terrorism

Misleading:  “Rockets Fired at Israel, into Israel

Misleading:  “Attacks and Actions on Israel’s Borders/Periphery

Misleading:  “IDF ‘Retaliation’ for Arab Attacks on Civilians”

Misleading:  “Suicide Bombers and Militants”

Misleading:  “Suspected Militants”

Misleading:  “Hamas [or its like] is ‘Considered’ a Terrorist Group”

Misleading:  “Israeli ‘Said’ the Term ‘Militants’”

Misleading:  “The ‘Roadmap’ Called on the Palestinian Authority to ‘Rein-in Militants’”

  1. Whose Land is This, Anyway?

Misleading:  References to Palestinian Arabs as ‘The Palestinians’”

Misleading:  “The Zionist Entity, the Colonial Zionist Entity, the Because-of-the-Holocaust Entity”

Misleading:  “Israel Is a European Colonial Zionist Entity With “No Place In The Islamic Middle East”

Misleading:  “Ultra-Nationalists’ Greater Israel”

Misleading:  “al-Aqsa Mosque Compound” and Arabic Names for Rachel’s Tomb and Patriarchs’ Cave

Making the Jewish Homeland Case:  Reactively Responding is Not Enough

All these misleading expressions and more need to be answered.  But making the Jewish homeland case goes beyond reactively responding to misleading things that are written and said about it.  We have to make the case that the land of Israel, including Judea-Samaria and historic Jerusalem, is the historic homeland of Jews no less clearly than the Arabs whom we’ve gratuitously joined in labeling “The Palestinians” make the case that “Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.”  Their Palestine, we have to go on, is the 78% of the original League of Nations’ Palestine Mandate, which has a Palestinian Arab population majority, that’s today called Jordan.

Why Even Those Who’d Go Back to ‘the Green Line’ Need to Assert Jewish Claim to All Israel

The 12/19/12 Jerusalem Post carried an article, “14 UNSC Member Slam Settlement Plans; US Mum,” which cited three big, non-Muslim countries, on three different continents, India, South Africa and Brazil, all demanding that

“not only must settlement construction be frozen, but that ‘settlements must be dismantled and the occupation end,’ not as a concession to be made in the course of negotiations,’ but rather as ‘an obligation under various [Security Council] resolutions and international law.’” [emphasis added]

What would negotiations for a “two-state solution” look like after that?