In the Gaza Strip, 6,000 to 7,000 Palestinians participated in the Friday return marches of April 19 and 26, gathering at the five usual sites. The level of violence continued to be relatively low, although there were a number of attempts to cross the border fence and instances of IEDs thrown at IDF forces.

On April 28, 2019, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. It fell into the sea. In response Israel decreased the fishing zone off the Gaza Strip coast and restricted itto three nautical miles. According to the IDF spokesman, the rocket was deliberately fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) from the northern Gaza Strip in an attempt to sabotage the attempts to reach a lull.

Senior Hamas figures continued to threaten Israel with a renewal of violence if Israel did not implement the understandings reached. Operatives in the incendiary balloon-launching and Night Harassment units also threatened to return to their former activities (including burning fields near the Gaza Strip during the reaping season) if Israel did not fulfill the conditions of the understandings.

In Judea and Samaria, a stabbing attack targeting Border Police fighter was prevented. It took place near the Tapuah Junction, close to Ariel. The terrorist was shot and killed. Both Fatah and Hamas issued mourning notices for the terrorist.

The Israel Security Agency reported that a terrorist network was recently exposed in Judea and Samaria. Its operatives planned to carry out a car bomb attack close to the date of Israel’s elections. During interrogation one of the operatives said that he had been recruited by Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip for “military activity” and had agreed to become a suicide bomber.

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