Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of “VANISHING PEACE: The aftermath of Oslo”. Yours truly was director of research for the film. Many of our interviewees no longer with us, such as Bernard Lewis and Nahum Bedein, my brother. Feedback welcome.

1999 BBC documentary on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process. Produced by American Trademark Pictures (formerly AIM International). Host: David Aikman. Executive Producer: William Paul McKay. Website:

SOURCEAmerican Trademark Pictures


  1. God, the Creator of the Universe, owns all the earth. He gave Arabs 22 countries. But tiny Israel he gave eternally to the Jews. When the world can accept this truth and obey the will of GOD, and stop coveting what does not belong to them, THEN there will be peace.

  2. I have recently gotten to know Executive Producer Bill McKay through a new film he’s working on called “Israel: The Story Of Us.” He’s a passionate Evangelical Christian and I’m a committed Jew and our friendship — full of depth, ideas and banter — has enriched me immeasurably. Having been involved in Israel education for nearly 40 years, mostly as Executive Director of the Birmingham (AL) Jewish Federation, I haven’t met anyone who has a better understanding of Israel, its triumphs and challenges. Plus Bill’s commitment to battling anti-Semitism is unflinching. Bill’s talents are enormous, his intellect is formidable, and his love for and understanding of Israel is extraordinary. I already know in advance that “Israel: The Story Of Us” will be a gem.


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