The Palestinian Authority, beholden to the PLO, remains in a state of war with Jews…

  • Never ratified the Oslo “Declaration of Principles” Against Violence and Terror.
  • Never cancelled the PLO charter to destroy Israel
  • Legislated Ordinance for to pay anyone who murders a Jew, & to the family of killer.
  • Publishes new text books depicting those who murder Jews as role models for young pupils
  • Promotes new textbooks that openly advocate extermination of the Jews.
  • Distributes maps of Palestine which obliterate Israel & rename Jewish towns as Arab towns.
  • Advocates “right of return” by force of arms to villages that   existed before 1948
  • Works with UNRWA to confine descendants of Arab refugees from 1948 to refugee camps.

These facts of reality can be discovered on the websites of ​Israel Resource News Agency and The Center for Near East Policy Research and www.CFNEPR.COM,