Fresh examples of how much money is being used for humanitarian aid in terror-affected countries has emerged in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. This help in the name of humanitarian aid to Palestine, Gaza Strip and West Bank United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees ( UNRWA ). Many countries, including Britain, provide financial support to UNRWA for this work.

With the money given for the education of children, they are being prepared for terrorism and jihad. Since its disclosure, the demand to stop this help is gaining momentum.

It is learned that the number of terrorists killed is being made to teach mathematics to children. Photos of terrorists have also been printed in it. In the book of Physics, to tell Newton’s third law, there is an example of slaughtering the heretics (Christians and Hindus) i.e. those who do not believe in Islam. This shows how much poison is being instilled in the minds of children in Palestine, Gaza Strip and West Bank against those who believe in other religions.

The UK website Daily Mail Online reported that the UK taxpayers have also invested in the help given by the United Nations to Palestine and the Gaza Strip. In view of this, there has been a demand to ban such help. For this, examples are being given of those countries who have refused to give humanitarian aid to Palestine.

A poem for eight-year-old children in Palestine, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has written such things that will affect its immature mind. In this poem, idioms such as ‘sacrificing one’s own blood’, ‘ending those who occupy their country’ and ‘eradicate the existence of foreigners’ have been used.

Explain that the United States and the European Union have stopped supporting UNRWA by citing books being taught to children in Palestine and its occupied areas.