Arutz 7 reports this morning that in response to their report last night that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu intended today to approve deletion of Paragraph 29 from the coalition agreement, thus giving Gantz veto power over applying Israeli law, the move has been dropped from the agenda of the meeting of the Government today.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if Mr. Netanyahu is “running out the clock”. A senior Likud official told IMRA that Prime Minister Netanyahu has enough votes in the Government to pass a decision to apply Israeli law any minute he wants to.

It should be noted that the requirement of “the agreement reached with the United States on the application of sovereignty” has ALWAYS been met as President Trump and every American serving under him has stated for the record that the United States AGREES that ISRAEL DECIDES on the application of sovereignty. This is the OPERATIVE AGREEMENT . Many talking heads confuse this requirement with a requirement that the United States explicitly agrees to the details of the map delineating the application of sovereignty.


16 April 2020

A coalition agreement for the establishment of an emergency and national unity government Held and signed on April 20, 2020 22 Nissan 5768 between- Likud faction in the 23rd Knesset (hereinafter: “Likud”) and the Blue and White Faction in the 23rd Knesset (“Blue and White”)

28. The Prime Minister and the Alternate Prime Minister will work together and coordinated to promote peace agreements with all of our neighbors and promote regional cooperation in a variety of economic areas and the matter of the corona crisis.

With regard to everything to President Trump’s declaration, the Prime Minister and Alternate Prime Minister will act in full agreement with the United States, including with regard to the maps with the US and international dialogue on the issue, all while pursuing the security and strategic interests of the State of Israel and the need for maintaining regional stability, maintaining the peace agreements and striving for future peace agreements.

29. Notwithstanding Article 3, Article 20, Article 21 and Article 28 above, and after a discussion and consultation are held between the Prime Minister and the Alternate Prime Minister on the principles set out above, the Prime Minister will be able to bring the agreement reached with the United States on the application of sovereignty as of 1.7.2020 for discussion in the cabinet and government and for approval by the government and/or the Knesset.

If the Prime Minister wants to bring his proposal to the Knesset, he can also do so through an MK, provided that he is from the Likud faction, who would commit at the preliminary reading that the legislation be amended to the same wording as presented by the Prime Minister in the cabinet and government. After the preliminary reading, and if it is a government bill after the first reading, the law will be passed as soon as possible, in the quickest possible way, and in a way that will not disrupt and delay the process by the chairman of the Knesset Committee and the Knesset committee to debate it is the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Subject to the foregoing, the Appendix on the Coalition’s Ways of Operation shall not apply for the purposes of this article.