My choice for man of the year is not surprising: Benyamin Netanyahu.

I have no idea where this man draws the inner power and mental capacity to resist all the stress that is put on him to step down as prime minister. The rage, the venom, and the violence, and the persecution that befall him would have long ago broken each and every one of us.

As time passes, it is clear that the crusade against Netanyahu is a well orchestrated effort to capture the government in non-democratic ways.

His detractors say that he should accept a committee to force his resignation and that “we will arrange a pardon for him” (they have already convicted him on all every charges, and have concluded in their minds that he should be indicted for treason).

And he doesn’t give up. Continuing to act for the country, its security and prosperity as we saw again this week with the historical agreements between israel and the UAE and Bahrain.

There are, of course, detractors who will claim that he is holding on to his chair for personal gratuities.

I believe that he remains because he knows that his struggle is the struggle for each of us.

If a corrupt military legal-media system succeeds in overthrowing him, it will represent a disaster for each and every one of us.

I’m very unhappy the current government is in its current state

I believe he should have gone to the fourth election round, despite all the risks. Every day that passes with the current government is a day of disaster. And it’s a shame.

Still, overall despite behaviors that I don’t agree with, I remain pleased with the face of his struggle and endurance.

Netanyahu has become a contemporary symbol of the strength of the nation of eternity in my eyes.

I know, that there are already those who do not like what I’m writing here and associate me with all kinds of people. It’s their nasty way of how treating other opinions. I got used to it. We all got used to it

I wish Benjamin Netanyahu a new year of health, resilience, happiness, justice, success …