President Zelensky – we cannot forfeit our ability to evacuate the Jews of
Dr. Aaron Lerner March 20, 2022

President Zelensky, you, more than anyone, understand and appreciate the
real and present danger that the Jews of Russia face of finding themselves
trapped behind a restored Iron Curtain.

So you know damn well that those El Al planes still flying from Russia to
Israel are a LIFELINE.

EL Al isn’t Air France.

Israel isn’t Denmark.

President Zelensky, you, more than anyone, realize that if we were to
acquiesce to your demand to join the West in broad sanctions against Russia
that the move could seal the fate of your Jewish brothers in Russia.

You criticize us for not sending some of our Iron Dome systems when we
ourselves have a shortage of interceptors to protect ourselves from attacks
that can resume at any time.

And while you address our Knesset on Zoom as the Jewish State is the first
and only country in the world to endanger the lives of its citizens by
sending them into the Ukraine to set up and man a field hospital you only
see fit to attack us.

There is so much more that you said today which was profoundly offensive.

And yet, none of what I write here in any way diminishes from our horror and
disgust over what the Ukraine is enduring now from Russia. Nor our
commitment to provide humanitarian aid.

But don’t attack us as if you aren’t aware of our very special situation.
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