Date: Thu, Mar 31, 2022
In March 2022, David Bedein visited the UK, asking British citizens and Israel embassy officials if they would ask for constraints over  UK funds for UNRWA & the PA
1. The UK acts as the third largest donor to UNRWA, yet  allocates  funds to UNRWA without conditions. 
The time has come to ask UK citizens to condition  funds  are allocated to UNRWA under a new policy that asks for reasonable conditions
2. The British government has indeed enacted legislation against funds for inctement – driven Palestinian Authority text books, 
However, UNRWA allocates 58% of its funds for education, especially for PA textbooks. Therefore. the UK fundPA text books, through the back door.
3. The Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research  produces movies which depict UNRWA children as they endure military training with live automatic weapons training. On the eve of Ramadan, the  Bedein Center asks the UK and all UNRWA  donor nations, to demand for weapons inspection in all UNRWA facilities,
4. The respected Jerusalem Center for Policy Affairs released a study which documents  that the Palestinian Authority created  a  law that provides a salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew. and a salary for life for the families of anyone who dies while engaging in an act of lethal terror.
While people in israel knows that the PA pays terrorists, few people that the PA actually legislated  a law in this regard.
The Bedein Center has dispatched a letter to each embassy of the 75 nations that fund the Palestinian Authority, and asked if the diplomats of the donor nations would ask the PA to repeal the PAY FOR SLAY law as a condition to receive aid to the PA.
Not one nation responded.
The PAY FOR SLAY law can be found at;
Hard copies of the “PAY FOR SLAY” statute can be obtained upon request by writing to;
The time has come for an outcry to demand that the aid to the PA be dependent upon immediate PA repeal of the PAY FOR SLAY statute,