Shalom uvracha,

It has been about a month since Yosef Chaim was very badly injured in the Elad terrorist attack. He has severe wounds and he is currently being treated.

I am a mother of 11 children. My son Yosef Chaim was unfortunately in ELAD on the day that terrible attack that took unfortunately the 3 קדושים

Yosef Chaim was hit over the head and is in a comatose stage until today.

Aside from the daily living costs, there are expensive medical bills. His treatments are too costly for our family to pay for alone.

I am appealing to the hearts and kindness of Yidden around the world to help raise $50,000, which will go towards the costs of these treatments. With Hashem’s help, Yosef Chaim will get well soon. You will have a part in his recovery!

I am torn between taking care of Yosef Chaim who needs 24/7 care and taking care of the rest of our family.

The only way to do this is by hiring private help to be with him whenever I can’t be there. We depleted all our savings and are in desperate need for continuing his care.

Klal Yisrael should only experience good news and happiness. Hashem should bless you and your children with bracha, hatzlacha and mazal for many generations to come.
Please daven for יוסף חיים בן שרה לרפו”ש בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

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