Any pro-Israel supporter with at least a smidgeon of common sense and a brief history of the Jewish State’s many useless attempts to make peace with, coddle up to, make nice to, kiss the butt of and even make suicidal gestures to the Palestinians, would cringe at Israel’s current Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s speech to last week’s session of the UN, in which he offered to accept a “Two State Solution” with the Palestinian Authority. We felt we were looking at the makings of another clueless PM, the UK’s Neville Chamberlain, who nearly sold the democratic world down the drain with his cave-in-to-Hitler deal in 1938. We hope we were wrong.

Israel started back in 1948, agreeing to live in peace with its Arab neighbors. Then they signed alongside Arab leaders, deals promising to live in peace with one another. All down the drain. Included in the wasting of ink and the cost in Jewish lives were the following agreements instantly voided by the Palestinians: The Oslo Accords, The Camp David deals, Annapolis Deal, Hebron Agreement, Wye River, Taba Talks, Road Map to Peace Deal and the Arab peace Initiative, to name just some. The 1993 Oslo Accords were even negotiated with Yasser Arafat, the murderous PLO leader, famous for the Israeli Olympic Team Munich Massacre in 1972 and the slaughter of thousands more Israelis. All these “peace” deal failures because of the religious zeal and hatred of Jews as outlined in the Koran.

And this current move by Lapid would be an extension of the suicidal lunacy of Jews who refuse to acknowledge the goals of their enemies. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knew with whom he was dealing when he faced the Palestinians. This is one of his comments regarding Lapid’s move: “Lapid is bringing the Palestinians back to the forefront of the world stage and putting Israel right into the Palestinian hole.” Yariv Levin, Chairman of the Likud Party said: “Lapid surrendered shamefully to the Palestinian Authority and dealt a fatal blow to Israel’s political standing. Lapid bowed down to the haters of Israel,” adding that “Lapid has undone years of political achievements pushed by Netanyahu to keep Israel safe.

Although the world wants a two-state solution to create an independent Palestine, the reality is that there are insurmountable problems within the Palestinian community that would never be resolved. Firstly, there is an ongoing hatred and perpetual violence between two Arab factions, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, that no one has mentioned. Hamas controls Gaza. How would they split their governments and when would they ever make peace? Would there end up being a “Three State Solution?” And what international authority would oversee the eventual militarization of the independent nation of Palestine?

They would be a sitting member of the Israel hating, United Nation’s General Assembly and wold surely be funded by and supported militarily by the likes of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea and presumably China. The Palestinian state would be nose-to-nose against Israel as we are to Mexico. And look how our border secures us from millions of  illegals and tons of death dealing narcotics flowing into our nation.

Lapid, in his UN oratorical disaster, cracked sort of a joke by stating that Israel has, “Only one condition: That a future Palestinian state will be a peaceful one. That it will not become another terror base from which to threaten the well-being and the very existence of Israel.” “Hey, no problem!” would be the response of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority, who just a day after Lapid kissed the terrorist leader’s tuchis with a plea to give his rabble an independent nation, told the UN assembly that “Israel is not a reliable peace partner.” Coming from Arafat’s number two man who promised to “have Jewish blood run through the streets of Jerusalem,” and the planner of the Munich Olympic slaughter, that says a lot. Get ready for disaster if Lapid gets his way.