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Israel Is Not Committing Genocide in Gaza

…instead of seeing this as positive and critical to put checks and balances on Netanyahu’s government, which indeed includes supporters of terror, genocide and full apartheid,

Which members of the government supports “terror, genocide and full apartheid?”



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At War, Are Israelis Really Unified?

The leader of the city’s garin torani (a state-funded group of Jewish religious nationalists who are meant to indoctrinate their urban neighbors), called for all Arabs at the college to be expelled.

The garin torani “educates” not “indoctrinates”. The Arabs were expelled after eggs were thrown at Jewish worshippers,


To date, six Palestinians have been killed by Israeli settlers since the war began.

I know of only one purported case, not six. In another article from the previous day – “Five Palestinians Killed by Israeli Army Fire in West Bank, Palestinian Health Ministry Says” – also claims there are six but only mentions one.


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Israeli Defense Minister: Transfer Funds to Palestinian Authority Immediately

There is no article discussing this headline. I did searches for “transfer funds” “defense minister” and Palestinian Authority”


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Israeli Peace Activists Who Lost Loved Ones in the Hamas Massacre Stand Their Ground

“The Palestinian people suffer a lot from the Hamas regime, but what can you do?”

Why make peace with Hamas if they cause the Palestinian people to suffer?