The war in Gaza will change many basic things, not only in the Middle East but all over the world as well, hopefully for the better and a policy change within UNRWA is a central component for the thorough changes that are crucial as a result of this war and its aftermath. 


Without these essential changes the situation will only get worsen.


Nothing is new except for the fact that UNRWA in Gaza exploded in a way that the entire world witnessed a pogrom that had been rehearsed for decades in the UNRWA schools that our news and research agency has covered since 1987.


The systematic UNRWA call for violence had been witnessed and ignored by the IDF for a generation.  


The Palestinian refugee situation has gone through a drastic change following the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and its effects on Lebanon. The vacillations that have taken place over Syria and Lebanon are now occurring in Gaza and provide a requisite to reevaluate UNRWA and its role in this new situation. 


As a result of the war, the UNRWA refugee camps in Syria have disintegrated. Hamas,  with the backing of Qatar, recruited followers in these camps to fight alongside the Sunnis who were fighting against President Assad’s camp, including recruitment to Jabhat A-Nuswra – a variant of Al Queda who operates under the umbrella of the branch Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar.. Khaled Mashal,a leader of Hamas,  is responsible for this recruitment and his people were later placed as officers for the terror group Jabhat A-Nuswra.


Assad did not forget this and obliterated what remained of the  UNRWA  refugee camps in Syria. 


Instead of 1948 refugees, a new refugee situation has been created as a result of the civil war in Syria. While they integrated into the huge flow of Syrian refugees, the Palestinian refugees were not eligible to receive aid from UNHCR, the UN’s agency for aid of refugees because they were considered UNRWA’s responsibility. 


Aid from UNHCR would mean that “the Right of Return”


The Palestinian refugees from the Syrian camps needed to organize themselves into ad hoc relief committees.  Syrian refugees who e not Palestinian can and do receive aid from UNHCR, and  the Palestinian refugees in Syria have simply been abandoned.


Meanwhile, the IDF has entered the largest UNRWA camp in Gaza-  Jabalia –  where we are witness to the destruction of that UNRWA  facility while a new Arab refugee situation in the south of Gaza is now festering. The chain of events that we saw in Syria are the new reality on the ground in Gaza. 


Against the wishes of Hamas UNRWA staff moved to the south of Gaza together with the new flow of refugees and they are providing aid for the new refugees. This could be a new beginning of a focus on reforms in the Palestinian education curriculum which was UNRWA’s Achilles heel. 


That UNRWA curriculum was directly  responsible for the barbarous pogroms that took place in Southern Israel and the aftermath of disaster in Gaza.


For decades the UNRWA curriculum has groomed generations of Palestinian Arabs of all ages to murder Jews, delegitimize the State of Israel and strengthened the demand for the “Right of Return by force of arms. .


The gruesome horrific scenes from the atrocities which were perpetrated on Simchat Torah – October 7- were committed by the UNRWA  Gaza camps against  civilian men, women, children and babies, witnessed by whole world, were  the direct product of UNRWA’s indoctrination of genocide in their schools  run by Hamas , 


Since 2009, The Nahum Center dispatched TV crews to film the violent Hamas summer camps, where children as  young as nine were trained to integrate live weapons and an ideology which indoctrinate the murder of Jews as a “value” 


The obvious conclusion must be either that UNRWA goes through a comprehensive policy change to overhaul its schools or hands over the responsibility of the Palestinian refugees who are no longer 1948 refugees but 2023 refugees to UNHCR.


The entire  UNRWA  school system must now break from the sanctification of the  Right of Return while providing aid for the new refugees to rehabilitate in the places where they are now residing.


If  UNRWA will not take it upon itself this mission, the new  warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia coul should join forces in the rehabilitation of Gaza, while transferring the responsibility over Gaza from Qatar to Saudi Arabia. 


Hamas is not alone in promoting the armed rebellion of  the  UNRWA refugee camps . The PA is a huge advocate of violent incitement against Israel in the refugee camps of Judea and Samaria.


With this understanding it is imperative that Gaza’s rehabilitation must include also a comprehensive fundamental change the UNRWA school curriculum that indoctrinates total war  against Israel.It is this This curriculum is to blame for the suffering now facing by Jews and Arabs  


At this point in time, more than 60 major nations and 33 international relief agencies pour $1,6 billion into UNRWA, with 58% allocated to UNRWA “education”-  with no constraints. 

At a time when UNRWA schools in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza have been operating as virtual arsenals-0with UNRWA donors looking the other way, the open checkbook for UNRWA must end 


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