Daily Archives: October 4, 2006

UNIFIL Spokesman Alexander Ivanko: Our Role is not to Disarm

IMRA interviewed UNIFIL Spokesman Alexander Ivanko, in English, on 4 October. IMRA: I had some questions about the UNIFIL press statement (see full text below). " In situations where the LAF are not in a position...

Sec’y Rice Sanctions Terror Group which the State Department Designates as a Terror Organization

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has arrived in Israel and scheduled meetings with the Fatah, which operates the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, designated by the US State Dep't as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO)...

Spokesman: U.N. Will Not Honor Request To Disarm Hezbollah

Farhan Haq's response to Lerner was direct and to the point: that the Secretary-General briefed the U.N. Security Council in a closed meeting that he remains "convinced that the disarming of Hezbollah and other militia should take place through a political process that will lead to the full restoration of the authority of the Government of Lebanon so that there will be no weapons or authority other than its own."