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The Beirut Arab Summit declaration

"II- Achievement of a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem to be agreed upon in accordance with U.N. General Assembly Resolution 194." The Beirut Arab Summit declaration Regional, Politics, 3/29/2002 www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/020329/2002032908.html In its 14th...

Secretary Of State Rice Scheduled To Meet Terrorist Organization Sponsor Fatah

--United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is scheduled to meet with Fatah, the parent organization of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, which the U.S. State Department placed on the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations on March 27, 2002, and which remains on the official list of terrorist organizations on the U.S. government's terror "watch list." --The Palestinian Media Itself Trumpets The Fatah-Aksa Link--Documentation Of Fatah Financing Of Al Aksa Brigades