Daily Archives: October 23, 2006


Israel's military has been developing plans for a major offensive in the Gaza Strip. The General Staff has renewed plans for a permanent presence in the southern Gaza Strip in an effort to halt arms...

Israel: We’re Still Going To Fly Over Lebanon

Regarding the possibility that the anti-aircraft troops of the U.N. would open fire at Air Force aircraft, security officials believe that it is "difficult to see a situation in which French troops fire on us, but in any case, in the current situation the cessation of flights is completely out of the question."

$50 Million Iran Deal Sabotages Release Of

--a few days after it appeared that an agreement had been reached, a delegation from Iran secretly arrived in Damascus and gave Khaled Mashaal $50 million on condition that he torpedo the deal. Following the fund transfer, Mashaal's position became more inflexible and he demanded the release of dozens more prisoners, including those described as "tough prisoners." --Putin Offers Moderate Support--More Action In Gaza