Daily Archives: October 25, 2006

Arabs have no choice but to possess nuclear arms

Amid a flurry of recent reports about North Korea's nuclear test, Egypt was mentioned as the sole Arab country with the potential to make a substantial nuclear development because Cairo declared the resumption of...

Expert: Prepare for war Middle East experts give their forecasts

The coming months will present Israel with strategic threats from three different directions, Dr. Boaz Ganor, founder of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism told Ynetnews. The first threat, stemming from the Shiite alliance of Iran and...

Seven Armed Palestinian Terrorists Killed In Gaza

The IDF fire resulted in the death of Atta Fuad Shanbari, the commander of the Popular Resistance Committees in the northern Gaza Strip, and six others. Israeli security officials said that Shanbari, 32, was responsible for much of the Kassam rocket fire into Israel. Two of Shanbari's brothers were also killed in the exchanges of fire.