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Israel – The American Interest

The question of whether Israel is or is not an asset to the United States is one we rarely bother to ask ourselves. Time and again, we see prominent Americans -- presidents of the...

Secretary of State Rice Offers To Arm Fatah

Just one week ago, on October 6, The Evening Bulletin broke the story that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, during her Middle East sojourn, had met with and encouraged the Fatah, which sponsors...

Secretary Of State Rice Offers To Arm Fatah

Asked about how the U.S. could consider arming a group the U.S. itself officially links to a terrorist organization, an American government official stuck by the official position of the U.S. State Department, which is that "the US does not regard the Fatah as a terrorist organization." When this reporter asked the American government official to examine the U.S. State Department Web site in this regard, the U.S. government official said that the official was not familiar with the Web site in this regard, saying only that "Arafat signed a document denouncing violence and terrorism."