I begin with a speech that PA President Mahmoud Abbas gave last Thursday, on the cusp of the arrival of Sec. Rice to this area. He spoke at a rally in Ramallah; the occasion was the 42nd anniversary of Fatah’s first attack on Israel. The content of the speech is dynamite.

“Our rifles, all our rifles are aimed at the Occupation,” he declared.

With this, he has once again openly stated that he has no intention of taking on Hamas, but will fight Israel.

Indeed, he went on to say, “No one [here] is a criminal. All our people are as one hand to free our land… No one [Palestinian] is outside our society.” This has consistently been his position: he began his presidency speaking of “unity.”

After Abbas’s speech, the senior announcer for PA TV (which is Fatah controlled), clarified, describing Israel’s establishment as the beginning of “occupation.” Nothing could be clearer than this: They don’t consider Israel within the Green Line legitimate either. They want it all, they want us gone, they are not looking for a two-state solution.

Abbas voiced support for the “right of return.” And once again he invited Hamas and Islamic Jihad to join the PLO, which he heads.

He also rejected the notion of a Palestinian state with temporary borders (Take that, Livni and Rice!) “Today more than any other day, we must hold fast to our Palestinian principles… We will not give up one grain [of land] in Jerusalem.”

IMRA has run translation and commentary by PA media expert Dr. Michael Widlanski: http://imra.org.il/story.php3?id=32420. I would suggest that you save this, or bookmark it for future reference. This absolutely puts the lie to any notion of Abbas as a moderate.


Condoleezza Rice arrived in our part of the world on Saturday. In the course of her various pronouncements, she has in no way alluded to Abbas’s speech (which I quite assure you the State Department monitored). In fact, in her press conference with Abbas, held yesterday in Ramallah after she met with him — http://imra.org.il/story.php3?id=32446 — she persisted in advancing her alternative-universe thinking. She’s still making that effort to bolster Abbas, so that he will become strong enough to promote his “moderate” agenda. Consider:

“I want everyone to know, particularly the Palestinian people, how much we admire the leadership of President Abbas as a leader of the Palestinian people.” This is so blatant in its intent that it’s ridiculous.

“The Palestinian people have waited a long time for their own state.” They could have had a state of their own for years already, if they had wanted it more than they want to destroy Israel.

“And if there is anything that I can do and that the President can do to finally realize that day when the Palestinian people — who everybody understands to be an entrepreneurial people, a people who are predisposed toward democracy and tolerance — for the Palestinians to have their own state that they can live in security and peace with Israel and that Israel can therefore have a secure and a democratic neighbor, why wouldn’t we want to do that?”

A people that everyone understands to be predisposed toward democracy and tolerance??? We’re looking at people who are essentially lacking a civil society — at people who kill and kidnap each other when they are angry. How can she stand before the press and say this with a straight face? Does she believe that in saying it she makes it so? Does she remotely imagine that Israel could live in security and peace with a Palestinian state at its border? Does her merely saying this make the “moderate” Arabs happy?

While Rice made no mention in this press conference of requiring compliance of the PA with regard to dismantling terrorism, etc., she did allude to the fact that the US is seriously considering an $85 million grant to the PA security forces, for training and equipment, so that there would be “professional, unified Palestinian security forces.”

She doesn’t say what these professional, unified security forces are going to do, or who will be included (Abbas would include the terrorists). She does not talk about terrorism.

On Thursday, Abbas, president of the PA, made it clear he was not going to take on Hamas or challenge any of the terrorist groups. “No one Palestinian is outside our society.”

On Thursday, Abbas made it clear that he intended to attack Israel: “Our rifles, all our rifles are aimed at the Occupation.”

On Sunday, Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, called the Palestinian people a people “predisposed to tolerance.”

On Sunday, Condoleezza Rice, talked about a massive donation of funds for the PA being considered by the US, some of which would provide arms to the PA security forces.

This is too outrageous to accept without an outcry of protest.

Condoleezza Rice must be called on this.

This time I ask that you contact two very influential Congressmen:

The Honorable Tom Lantos (D-CA)

Chairman, Committee on International Relations US House of Representatives
2413 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-3531
Fax (202) 226-4183

The Honorable Gary Ackerman (D-NY) Chairman, Subcommittee on the Middle East House Committee on International Relations

US House of Representatives
2243 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2601
Fax: (202) 225-1589

Congresspersons prefer not to be contacted by e-mail. I know it’s more trouble, but please! take the time to call or fax or write a snail mail letter. Your effort will pay off.

If this is not possible for you, you might try to reach Congressman Lantos at: CA12Lantos@mail.house.gov or via his Chief of Staff, robert.king@mail.house.gov

You might try to reach Congressman Ackerman at: gary_ackerman@mail.house.gov. (There is an underscore between his names.) or via his Chief of Staff, jedd.moskowitz@mail.house.gov

You will not be addressing Congressmen Lantos and Ackerman as your elected representatives (unless you are the constituent of one of these gentlemen). You will be addressing them in their capacities as chairs of relevant committees — chairs who will respond to the concerns of the nation. You certainly must write as an American.

The message is simple, and can be drawn from the above information: PA president Abbas said clearly in a speech on January 11 that Palestinian guns will be aimed at Israel, and that he will not be taking on Hamas. Yet three days later Sec. Rice, after meeting with him, spoke about helping the formation of a PA state and providing money for their security forces. Quote from their words, above. Say that this is not acceptable. It is a policy based on air and presents a danger to Israel and to the long term goals of the US.

Then, please, once again, forward this to everyone you know, get this on to lists and blogs. And, as you are able, write letters to the editors of your local papers addressing these same issues.

It’s time to expose the hypocritical, anti-Israel policy of the US State Department.


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