Fateh Revolutionary Council: National Unity Our Shield against Foreign Conspiracies http://wafa.ps/english/body.asp?id=9172

The Fateh Revolutionary Council said Sunday that the national unity is the shield against those who conspire against the Palestinian people.

During its meeting in Ramallah, headed by President Abbas, the Council stressed that foreign parties are attempting to use the internal situation, which it believes that can be solved through dialogue.

It affirmed that it will defend the Palestinian national project, stressing that it will never let conspiracies strike the Palestinian national unity.

The council also affirmed that arms should be used to retrieve the occupied land and achieve freedom and independence, not against civilian’s houses and legal security apparatuses, stressing that the only victor in such a situation is Israel.

It called upon Hamas to give up this dangerous program which it follows to cover the failure of its political, social and economical program.

The Council also called upon the Arab and Muslim Nations to stand against the Israeli colonial ambitions in Jerusalem, demanding the israqi government and the Arab League to protect the Palestinian refugees in Iraq.