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NATO To Israeli Minister: ‘Don’t Count On Us To Act Against Iran’

Leading NATO officials believe that Israel, ultimately, will be forced to cope alone with the Iranian nuclear program. This was reported recently by Israel Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Israel Prime Minister Ehud...

Israeli Soldier Killed, Two Injured In Warfare At UNRWA Refugee Camp

One Israeli soldier, Givati Infantry Brigade Staff Sergeant Arbel Raich, 21, was killed and two were lightly wounded overnight Wednesday in an exchange of fire with armed Palestinians at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) el-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, as Israeli troops were dispatched to locate smuggling tunnels.

Hamas Asks For Direct Talks About Opening Crossing Points

For the first time, Hamas is asking for direct talks with Israel to discuss reopening the crossing points into the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian government headed by ousted Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh made a direct approach Tuesday to Israel on the matter.

NATO To Israeli Minister: ‘Don’t Count On Us To Act Against Iran’

Israel Strategic Affairs Minister Avidgor Lieberman reported that the NATO leaders told him that Israel ultimately could not count on the international community to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weaons.

Rockets, Shells Fired From Gaza Into Israel

Five Kassam rockets and four mortar shells were fired yesterday morning from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

IDF Seizes Eight Rocket Launchers Aimed At Sderot

Over the weekend, during operational activity in the Beit Hanoun region of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army infantry's crack Givati Brigade reconnaissance unit troops discovered eight Kassam rocket launchers equipped with stopwatches, one of them ready for launching.

International Solidarity Movement Gaza ship to sail from Cyprus

SHIPS CARRYING up to a hundred international volunteers are set to travel from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip in August to mark the fortieth anniversary of the capture of the West Bank, Gaza Strip...


On Sudanese soil, in a place called Darfur, one of the worst genocides since World War II is taking place-and the world is silent. As if the tribal, blood-filled war were of no interest....

MEDICINE’S MURDERERS – Aftermath of The Arrest of Seven Doctors in Attempted UK Terror...

THE arrest of seven doctors in the attempted British terror bombings has shocked many people. Sadly, it shouldn't. All seven are Muslims working at government-financed hospitals, their salaries paid by the British taxpayer. Dr. Muhammad...