At the end of August 1967, shortly after the Six Day War, the heads of Arab states held a special conference in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, where the three famous “Nos” were decided on: No to peace with Israel; no to the recognition of Israel; and no to negotiations with Israel. The PLO representative at the conference, Ahmad Shukeiri, was even more extreme and called for an active military struggle against Israel. The heads of Arab states believed the superpowers would do their work for them and pressure Israel to withdraw.

Forty-six years have passed, and nothing has changed in relation to the Arabs who are dubbed Palestinians. Yasser Arafat replaced Shukeiri, and Mahmoud Abbas replaced Arafat, but the three “Nos” remained as they were. The chairman of the Palestinian Authority (which the Palestinians insist on calling a “state”) is not willing to reach a peace agreement with Israel; he is not willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; and he is not willing to negotiate with it.

The same Authority believes that if it remains obstinate, it will magically become a country; a country that the UN or the superpowers will impose on Israel – just as the heads of Arab states thought. Meaning, obstinacy is rewarding. US Secretary of State John Kerry already knows the truth; he knows who is not interested in an agreement; but for unknown reasons he is not going public with this knowledge as of yet. This Authority is not interested in any dialogue with Israel; certainly not peace; it wants to take, but giving nothing in return.

It is obvious that as long as the threat of “going to the UN” still exists, the Palestinians will not recognize the need for compromise, so the Americans just increase their demands – just as they did three years ago when they demanded that Israel freeze settlement construction. According to reports, Abbas has given Kerry a few more weeks before he “goes back to the UN” – as though the PA was some world power that sponsors the US – and the US swallows this insult.

The time has come for the Americans to clarify to the Palestinians that playtime is over, particularly in light of the fact that the majority of the so-called Palestinian population is not taking part in Abbas’ “pretend” games. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the leftist Palestinian factions are saying, clearly and publicly: No to peace; no to negotiations; no to recognition. The difference is that they say this publicly, while Abbas and his spokespeople conceal it. So who should we prefer? Those who speak frankly, or those who hide behind the American deception?

After 46 years of automatic refusal, which borders on suicide, have the so-called Palestinians (only then did the Arabs begin to use the term “Palestinians”) yet to realize that Israel is a strong state of eight million people and has no intention of going anywhere? Those who do not recognize reality, do not exist.


  1. Its time to stop hoping the Americans do the dirty work for Israel, of making it clear to the4 Arabs that 22 Arab countries are enough. They have no reason to do that, and in fact have never been on Israel’s side on those issues. Not even when millions of Jews were being murdered did they press the Brits to open Israel to the refugees. So its up to Israel to stop the charade, tell the bArabs to go home to their 22 counties and declare that peace will only come when the number of Arabs legally residing west of the Jordan is equal to the number of Jews residing east of it.

  2. I wish there was some way to force everyone in the Israeli government to read and memorize this article. Then I wish that the government would stand their ground and stop pretending that Abbas is a "moderate" and not still a terrorist. I especially wish that Livni be removed from her position as Justice Minister until and unless she starts working for justice for Israel by adopting the facts in this article.


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