The endless lava flow of anti Israel/Jewish activities continues to erupt with volcanic force…writes Michael Kuttner.

In academia, media and international forums the toxic effects of these noxious emissions contribute to an ever-increasing level of toxicity which inevitably has a negative byproduct wherever Jews may live. It seems now the Holocaust years are well and truly behind us that the haters are emboldened to spread their poisonous lies, safe in the belief that the vast majority of today’s generation will be receptive to the myths being paraded as facts.

One has only to witness the scandalous degree to which the official Labour Party opposition in the United Kingdom is currently embroiled in dealing with Jew-hating activists in its midst parading as anti-Zionist/Israel champions. The capture of what was once a reasonably balanced political party by zealots of the ultra-left should ring a warning bell for countries like Australia and New Zealand. Mind you, pandering to human rights abusers, executioners of gays, non-Islamic believers and political opponents, deniers of women’s rights and fanatical haters of the Jewish State seems to be the easiest way to garner votes from certain sectors of the electorate. Hence, if you want to succeed the surest technique is the age-old one of demonisation and delegitimisation.

This week has produced another bumper crop of hypocritical behaviour from all the usual suspects. I should add that our own home-grown variety of self-loathers also continue to spread their venomous tales all of which is lapped up and disseminated by most of the media.

Talking of the media, I came across a classic example of how a headline can convey a meaning entirely at variance with the facts of the story. A generation which gleans most of its information from skimming headlines and photos rather than taking the time to read and analyse lengthy articles or reports, is susceptible to believing any sort of disinformation. This is a classic example which although in the overall scheme of things is relatively minor and harmless, serves to demonstrate how far more serious manipulations of the truth can be served up. When news and views are presented as instant sound bytes or one-liners then you know that distortions are inevitable. In this particular case the headline from a well-known source, “The Huffington Post” read as follows:

Leaders from America, Europe, Israel and New Zealand Stand with Belgium’s Citizens – Brussels Attacks.

Reading further I was amazed to see this: The continuous terrorist attacks in Israel are a reminder of the threats we face in nations that uphold the rule of law and affirm democratic institutions.

I almost flipped with excitement. At first glance and without delving further one could easily come to the conclusion that heads of Governments including, surprise, New Zealand, had actually abandoned political correctness and embraced reality and truth. Does it sound too good to be true? You bet. Click on the link and see for yourselves how a misleading headline generates false expectations. The “leaders” involved are not whom you may think and certainly will not change any prevailing double standards.

Meanwhile here on the ground the Palestinian Arab kleptocracy owes the Israel Electric Corporation billions of shekels for electricity supplied over several years. Instead of paying their bills with the billions of foreign aid that countries like Australia and New Zealand continue to pour into bottomless pits, they preferred instead to build palatial buildings for their hangers-on and pay pensions and stipends to terrorists and their families. We, like fools, continue to provide them with power. If you and I do not pay our utility bills we will have them cut off. That’s what happens in most normal countries. When we reduce the flow (not cut off mind you) all hell breaks loose and Israel is pilloried. We then backtrack and restore the supply. How mad can one get?

The tunnels used to infiltrate terrorists into Israeli communities from Gaza are built using cement supplied by Israel. In an effort to appease the international community (a fruitless task) we agreed after the last conflict to resume supplying cement for the rebuilding of houses. Even the village idiot could have predicted that this cement would be hijacked by Hamas and diverted instead to the rebuilding of terror tunnels. Those making money out of this exercise in stupidity nevertheless ignored reality. Only now, over one year later, have Israeli authorities halted the supply, only partially mind you. Even this relatively anaemic response has evinced a threat by Hamas to cause more murder and mayhem. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before supplies are fully resumed.

Meanwhile breaking news tells us that former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, has put her name forward, with the support of all political parties, for the impending vacant post of Secretary General of the United Nations. Touting her credentials she stated that the Security Council needed updating. Her ideas include expanding it by creating new permanent members such as Germany, Japan, India and Brazil and also two African countries. According to Ms. Clark the realities of 1945 are no longer relevant in the 21st. century.

The new look Security Council as envisaged by her would closely resemble the current discredited UN Human Rights Council. In 1945 the UN was established to prevent any more genocides. It has failed miserably and adding more countries, some with dubious human rights records to its decision-making body will only make matters worse, especially as far as Israel is concerned. Moreover pandering to certain questionable regimes merely highlights the hypocritical nature of the organisation itself. By 1945 six million Jewish men, women and children had been murdered with the active participation of many nations which were soon to become UN members. In 1945 most of the rest of the world which had done nothing to rescue fleeing Jews in the 1930’s at least felt somewhat ashamed at their indifference. Today in 2016 the Jewish State finds itself stigmatised as a pariah by the majority of UN members.

This then is the outfit which Helen Clark aspires to lead. What has she had to say about the daily Israel bashing which passes as normal business these days in the UN? Has she condemned the threat against Jewish children in Turkey by Islamic terrorists? What has she had to say about the UN attempting to ban (pun intended) parts of an exhibit on Israel which sought to explain the historical Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the achievements of Israeli Arab citizens in many fields? She has been seemingly silent on the terror unleashed against Israeli civilians and the daily outpouring of hate from our misnamed peace partners. In order to get elected she needs the votes of Islamic and African nations. It thus follows that nothing must be said which would scuttle those votes. Therefore when addressing an interfaith gathering at Parliament in Wellington she welcomed the diverse group of faith leaders by greeting them either in their native language or phrases. Although a Rabbi was present and bearing in mind that Jews have settled, yes settled, in NZ since the 1800’s she somehow managed to avoid using “Shalom”. One has to wonder whether this was intentional and guaranteed to sew up the Islamic votes which together with the African bloc at the UN constitute a majority. There are many aspirants for the job and given the corrupt and moral bankruptcy of the UN anything is possible. Most realistic Israelis have no illusions. The new Secretary General will without doubt follow a well trodden path which can only lead to more disasters.

The only real way to reform the UN is to disband it altogether and create an organisation in its place whose only members are democratic, respecters of human rights and immune to the current tsunami of Israel delegitimisation. Meanwhile we must not be intimidated by the politically correct mob in remaining silent.

Surveying the farce which plays out daily at the UN and its associated groups I am reminded of this quote:

“The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.”

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

Keeping afloat in a sea of deligitimisation