This is not the first attack by an Arab Muslim Mob – far from it, actually. They have no shame. How dare they attack an ambulance?


Arab Muslim Mob Attacks Ambulance

Night after night of terror continues. It’s insane. No one seems to be safe – even Arabs (a rocket from Gaza killed an Arab father and daughter). The Magen David Adom ambulance was on its way to help a man who was shot in the chest in Lod when an Arab Muslim mob ambushed the vehicle. These vicious men show no restraint. The world calls on Israel to show restraint – show restraint where? In defending itself? In retaliating after over a thousand rockets have been fired at Israel in just days? How dare the world call on Israel to stop its defensive attacks while ignoring the violent muslim mobs and the rockets that have rained down from Israel’s skies.

How dare the world stay silent while innocent people – men, women, and children – have been injured and killed due to Hamas rockets and Arab Muslim attacks within Israel.

Muslims burnt a synagogue in Lod. They burnt a school, too. Jewish drivers have been attacked with rocks and have nearly been lynched. The Muslims caused a massive fire on the Temple Mount. Buses have been stoned. Attempted stabbings, shootings, and more. The list is never-ending.

And it’s terrifying.

And what else is terrifying is that the world condemns Israel and doesn’t stand by its side as Muslims attack from within and from without.