Monthly Archives: July 2007

Israel’s View Of The Turkey Elections

O n one hand, satisfaction for the victory of the ruling party, during whose term the relations between Israel and Turkey reached unprecedented heights. On the other hand, officials in Israel, as in the entire Western world, are not concealing their concern with the Islamization process taking place in Turkey.

Bush’s Mistaken View Of Abbas As A Peace Advocate

President Bush overlooks the fact that Abbas was elected in January 2005 on a platform calling for the "right of return" to allow all Palestinian Arab refugees from the 1948 war and their descendants to take back the villages that no longer exist inside Israel.

Syria, Iran, Islamic Terrorist Groups Hold Meeting

During their meeting, the Syrian president promised his Iranian counterpart to refrain from opening peace negotiations with Israel in exchange for massive Iranian military aid and Tehran's support of Syrian interests in Lebanon.

Does the Government of Israel Protect its Own Population? Scathing Report Raises Doubts

One year ago, this reporter covered the war in the north of Israel when 4,000 rockets fell on population centers of more than 1.4 million Israeli citizens. As the father of a young man...

Weekly Commentary:… Automatic Pass for the PA?

From the very outset of the Oslo experiment, the Palestinians have been handicapped by well meaning proponents of an "automatic pass" approach to compliance. But just as an automatic pass policy can condemn some students...

Olmert Argues Against Adding Protection to Sderot

Israel must invest more in offensive rather than defensive mechanisms to face enemy threats, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Cabinet on Sunday. "We won't become obsessive. We must not arrive at hysteric or popular...

Israel Embrace Of Terror Organization May Cost Congressional Support For Jewish State

The Fatah organization, the mainstream body of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), was launched in 1964 by the Arab League with one purpose in mind: To foment rebellion of Palestinian Arabs against the state...

Israel To Turkey: Return The Shiloah Tunnel Inscription

At a secret meeting held last week between Turkish ambassador to Israel Namik Tan and Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky, the latter asked that Turkey return to Israel the Shiloah Tunnel Inscription, one of the most important archaeological findings for Judaism.

Israel’s New Activist President

Nearing his 84th birthday, Shimon Peres, a 48 year veteran of Israel's Knesset parliament, was sworn in as Israel's ninth president on Sunday.

Jewish Population Outgrows The Arabs

The Jewish population of Israel continues to grow faster than the Arab population. The data came from from an analysis of data of the Central Bureau of Statistics for the first four months of 2007.