Israel’s southern border was tense this past week after several months of relative quiet due to the Gaza Strip’s fight against COVID-19. A rocket was fired at Israel (the first since May 6, 2020) and a number of IED/incendiary balloons were launched (accompanied by threats of escalation from local networks). So far Hamas seems to be successfully preventing COVID-19 from spreading in the Gaza Strip, and does not yet encourage a return to its routine monitored violence from the Gaza Strip, including a renewal of the return marches.

Judea and Samaria have been relatively quiet after the number of popular terrorism attacks peaked during May 2020 (seven significant attacks). Palestinian-Israeli security force friction was not excessive. Most of the terrorist activity this past week focused on the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktail at civilian and Israeli vehicles. In response to a call from Fatah activities were held to protest Israel’s annexation intentions, but participation was sparse and the public showed no particular interest.

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