Black September, The PLO’s attempt to take over Jordan in 1970 The nature of the Arab purpose in Palestine was illumined, was indeed dramatised, by the clash between the terrorist organisations and the Jordanian government that began September 1970. Not an ideological confrontation nor the...

Netanyahu Spokesman Takes Down SKY News Hostile Questions On Gaza Deaths

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes masterfully answers the hostile questions of the SKY News TV host. This interview takes place after the second Hamas Gaza march.  This is right after the Arabs...

How a Former Official of Israeli Intelligence,Yossi Ginosar, Managed a Secret Account for Arafat

While the office doors of prime ministers were opened to him, while he walked around Camp David with Mohammed Rashid and took part in peace negotiations, Yossi Ginosar was involved in managing the PA's...

Sara Blaustein: A Man Remembers His Murdered Wife

My wife, Sara Blaustein, was brutally murdered in a drive-by shooting by Arab terrorists last Tuesday on the road from our home in Efrat to Jerusalem. We had moved to Israel with our 13...

How an earthquake in 1546 made the “Kotel” possible

There was no Kotel prior to the middle of 16th century. The area that we call the Western Wall is not the last remaining ruin of the Second Temple. The four retaining walls of...

What is the Basis of the Legal Status of Israel and the Settlements?

[Leaving aside the Divine allocation of the land to
the Jews, it was the determination of the 52 nations of the League of
Nations, based on their historic considerations, that the lands of the
Mandate of Palestine are to be set aside for a homeland for the Jewish
people. The Mandate specifically gives the Jewish people the
continuing right to "unlimited close settlement" of its lands -- the
word "settlement" here is not a dirty word but the very right given
in the Mandate to the activity of building a Jewish homeland.

It is imperative that the rightness of the Jewish cause of building
its homeland be recognized lest Jews come to believe that they are
robbing someone else's national lands -- which is not the case.
Professor Shochetman addresses the misconceptions concerning these
issues as leveled at the time by a radical leftist know nothing. Read
the facts below - David Bedein]

Rights Spelled Clear As promised, a different sort of posting here: legal and historical background that is essential to understanding Jewish rights in the land. This review will be succinct, with links to informational sites for those who...

Dead Sea shrinking: a story told in photos

When Noam Bedein first took a boat tour in Israel, he witnessed salt caves and colorful salt structures that had been hidden under water for thousands of years. When he came back to the...

The Growth of Efrat – In Perspective

Thursday, February 19, 2009 News Item: "West Bank Settlement Gets Green Light for Major Expansion" -- Ha'aretz, February 16, 2009 Efrat - That headline above now echoes around the world. Criticism from Al Jazeera was...

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (January 14-8, 2020)

This past week as well no return march was held in the Gaza Strip. Several dozen Palestinian demonstrators gathered near the border fence in two locations. No exceptional events were reported. This past week the...